On October 6 we held the VSWGA Annual Rep meeting and on October 13 we held the Board of Directors meeting.  Here are some highlights from those meetings along with some key decisions:

  1. 2021 VSWGA Board
  • President                         Linda Jane Parson
  • Vice President                Sis Capeless
  • Secretary                         Jo Allsopp
  • Treasurer                        Jayne Magnant
  • Director North                Mary Ann Athanas
  • Director Central             Jennifer Farrington
  • Director South                Sarah Lee
  • Director at Large            Dana Cassidy
  • Director at Large            Patty Shirk
  • North West Liaison        Mary Ann Athanas
  • North East Liaison          Patty Shirk
  • Central West Liaison     Jennifer Farrington
  • Central East Liaison       Jo Allsopp
  • South Liaison                  Sarah Lee

2. 2020 State Day Wrap-up


• 2036 State Day participants for the 2020 season (2185 in 2019)

• 5144 points awarded in 2020 (5394 in 2019) to 232 players (234 in 2019)


  • Tracy Webster of Stowe CC at St Johnsbury  
  • Elaine Percy of Lakeside at Newport   
  • Erika Politano of Ralph Myhre at Lake St Catherine 


• $2072 raised for Junior Golf ($2147 in 2019)


Janet Lang Trophy for Most Individual Points:

  • Winner – 94 Points – Jeanne Morrissey, Williston
  • Runner Up – 86 Points – Dana Cassidy, Vermont National
  • 3rd Place – 80 Points – Trish Wade, Killington
  • 4th Place (tie) – 78 Points – Alicia Field, Brattleboro; Josie Herrera, Vermont National; Penny Maxfield, Montague

Mae Murray Jones Trophies for Most Club Points

  • Division 1 – (16+ Players): 1st – Brattleboro – 89 points; 2nd – Williston – 62 points; 3rd – Burlington – 38 points
  • Division 2 – (8 to 15 players): 1st – Vermont National – 43 points; 2nd – Stowe – 36 points; 3rd – Proctor-Pittsford – 35 points
  • Division 3 – (1 to 7 players): 1st – Killington – 38 points; 2nd – Montague – 37 points; 3rd – West Bolton – 22 points

​​​Most Improved Winners (based on greatest percentage point reduction from 9/1/19 to 9/1/20)

  • Genevieve Babbit Smith Memorial Trophy – Amy Mason, Lakeside
  • Division A (0 – 15.0) Jeanne Morrissey, Williston – 7 to 5.4 (22.86% improvement)
  • Division B (15.1 – 20.0) Alyssa Barnes, Stowe – 17.4 to 14.4 (17.24% improvement)
  • Division C (20.1 – 24.0) Amy Mason, Lakeside – 21.1 to 13.1 (37.91% improvement)
  • Division D (24.1 – 29.0) Suzy Coutermarsh, Bellows Falls – 26.6 to 22.1 (16.92% improvement)
  • Division E (29.1 – 54.0) Mary Preseau, Lake St Catherine – 36.7 to 26.7 (27.25% improvement)

​​​​​​3. 2020 Tournament Wrap-up

Please be sure to visit our website tournament section for pictures and details on our majors throughout the season.  Kudos to the tournament winners, the players and a big thank you to Jen Steck and everyone that helped make the events such a success: https://vswga.org/championships/

4. 2021 Tournament News

In 2021 the Mid-Amateur tournament minimum age will be lowered from 30 to 25, and the Senior tournament minimum age will be lowered from 55 to 50.  Priority will be given to 30 YO and up for Ams and 55 YO and up for Seniors.  There were a lot of details and discussion that went into this decision, but watch for these new age guidelines on the 2021 entry forms.

5. 2021 Tournament Dates and Locations

              a. Tri- States: Rutland June 15&16

               b. Seniors: Neshobe July 14&15

              c. Amateur: Newport Aug 2-4

               d. Mid-Am:  Mt. Anthony Sept 11&12

              e. Fall Awards Classic: Sept 21

6. State Day events and signups

The Monday State Days were well attended so we will continue to offer a few Monday State Days in 2021.  We will continue to use the online golf genius signup process in 2021 with the possible addition of the ability to register with a mobile app. Finally, in 2021 the board decided to allow state days signups over the weekend similar to how we did prior to 2020.    There will be an additional charge and we are still working through the exact process. We are excited to be able to continue to offer as many options as possible to our members.  

7. Green Mountain Challenge  

If you were able to visit and play at least 15 courses this season, please remember to submit your entry to info@vswga.org for the Green Mountain Challenge.   The map and detailed info on the program can be found at the center of your 2020 member handbook and also at https://vswga.org/member-handbook/

8. Directions to courses in 2020 Member Handbook

We may not be putting the directions to courses in our 2021 member handbook so if you use that information you may want to pull that section from your 2020 handbook before you dispose of it.

9. 2021 Membership is free for ladies over 80

If you will be turning 80 in 2021, your VSWGA Membership will be free for 2021.  Simply send in your 2021 Membership form via snail mail and write the words “I’m 80, I’m free” on the entry form and you will become a member for free.  It’s our way of showing appreciation and respect for those of you 80+ that are still out there chasing that little white ball around the course. Let’s hope we all get to celebrate that milestone someday.   

10. Changes to your email or address

If you have changes to your email, mailing address, or club affiliation over the winter, please make the appropriate changes to your profile in golf genius.  You should also let us know by emailing info@vswga.org and we will update our internal records accordingly.

Lots of exciting things to look forward to in 2021. Please let us know your thoughts and ideas for the upcoming season if you haven’t already done so. And please stay safe and healthy over the colder months, whether you are traveling to warmer places or hunkering down here in VT.  

Thank you! 

The VSWGA Board