Rules of Golf

by Pam Boyd
Carson Laderoute
Josh Kuckens/Times Argus photo

The Rules of the United States Golf Association govern play in all VSWGA events including State Days and major tournamentsVisit the USGA website to see new rules changes for 2023. And here’s another USGA site on the 2023 rules changes.
You can also learn about the 2019 rules changes, look up any rule or read FAQs, take rules quizzes, and more. Here’s a table summarizing the 2019 rules changes.

Local Rules and Conditions
At State Day events, each course should supply a handout listing any local rules at the registration table. The local rules may include a description of out of bounds areas, areas that are marked as ‘ground under repair’, and/or describe the location of any drop zones, together with instructions as to under what circumstances a player is entitled to use a drop zone. Local rules provided by the club for the State Day may allow players to take relief in certain situations not otherwise allowed by the USGA Rules of Golf. These exceptions are designed to speed up play during State Days. For example, if a player hits twice into a water hazard, and if the local rules explicitly allow this, she may be entitled to drop a ball in a designated drop zone for that hole. In that case, the player must add to her score each stroke and penalty stroke taken before advancing to the drop zone.