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Greetings from VSWGA!

Although there still may be snow on the ground in parts of VT, spring is in the air. Put the skis away and let’s get down to the business of golf.  Events are fast approaching:

Our first State Day is scheduled for 4/30 at Burlington Country Club.  This is also a lottery event, so to recap some key dates for the event:

4/12 7am: Registration for Burlington opens (you must register as a twosome or a single)
4/22 7am: Registration for Burlington closes; lottery run; we let everyone know if they are confirmed or waitlisted.
4/23: Registration will reopen. All new registrations at this point will first go to pending registration and then be moved to the bottom of the waitlist. 
4/29: Registration closes again
4/30: Burlington State Day 

The registration for lottery events (Burlington, Stowe, Rutland and Vermont National) have different opening and closing dates than the non-lottery events, i.e. a week earlier than usual.  You do not need to rush to register for the lottery events.  Whether you are the first registrant or the last within the registration period, you will be equally eligible for the lottery. You will not be picking a tee time when you register. Tee times will be assigned by the admin and the tee sheet will be made available for all to see.

Your credit card does not get charged until you are moved to confirmed status. Golfers will be emailed when they are moved to confirmed status OR to waitlist status.  You will also be able to see your tee time.

If your tee time doesn’t work for you or you do not want to be kept on the waitlist, please email as soon as possible so you can be removed from the event (and let others get in). 

To be eligible to play VSWGA State Days:

  • Players must be a current VSWGA member in good standing.
  • Players must be a member of a VSWGA member club (real estate course) or Vermont’s Lakeside Golf Club.
  • Players must have an active, up-to-date Vermont GHIN Handicap. Players should contact their clubs to assure that they have an active Vermont GHIN card at the start of the season. Either a hard copy or electronic copy should be brought to the State Day.

Not sure about your status?  You can log into Golf Genius to confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria. The VSWGA member and GHIN Active settings should be “Yes”. If you are not a VSWGA member, if your GHIN is not active, and if your club affiliation is not with a VT Club or Lakeside, you will not be able to register for an event.

If you need help with any of these criteria, please email us.

To join or renew your VSWGA membership for the 2024 season log into Golf Genius with your user name and password then choose Membership Payment. 

Brattleboro Country Club
Tuesday-Wednesday, June 11-12, 2024
Registration is OPEN! We encourage everyone to apply.

The Tri-State Championship is an annual 2-day match play tournament held in June between Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. In 2024, Vermont will host the Tri-State Championship!

Lodging:  The VSWGA has a contractual agreement for Tri States for Sunday, June 9 to Wednesday, June 12 at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites (802-257-2400). The room rate is $179.99 for 2 queen beds and will be honored through May 27th. Anyone applying may want to reserve as the cancellation date is June 4 without any penalty.  There is also a Hampton Inn, 802-254-5700 but we do not have any agreement with them.
The format for Tri State has changed (please refer to your 2024 member handbook) and may entice you to want to apply. Please visit Tri-State Information for more details and registration.  

Our last newsletter highlighted some changes in 2024: 

  • Popular Courses Price Increase
  • Major Tournament Eligibility 

Some additional changes:

When To Register: Registration will open two Fridays prior to each State Day at 7:00 am. (except Lottery events will open for registration three Fridays prior to the event) Registration will close at 7:00 am the day before each State Day. There are no late adds after this time – no exceptions. 

Cancellation Refund Information:
•  If you cancel your registration for a State Day after 7:00 am the day before the event, you will not receive a refund.
•  If you cancel your registration for a State Day prior to 7:00 am the day before the event, you will receive a refund of $5 for each player cancelled.

Please refer to our website for detailed explanations of all 2024 changes.    VSWGA Website.  

Here is a link to a recording of our new member orientation.  Whether you are new to the VSWGA, or just want a refresher, the presentation covers available resources, how to register for events, and a quick summary of our Rules and Pace of Play Initiatives.

Occasionally our members get confused by news from the VGA versus the VSWGA.  Even our seasoned members have to catch themselves on occasion.

If you have a Vermont GHIN, you are automatically on the email list for the Vermont Golf Association (the VGA).  Emails from the VGA will look something like this:

The events listed in the body of this newsletter are NOT VSWGA events.  They are VGA events.  Our VSWGA golf events are listed on our website and in the Golf Genius App using a GGID of vswga2024.

If you are a VSWGA member, present or past, you will receive a separate bulletin (like this one you are reading) from someone in the Vermont State Women’s Golf Association.  Our VSWGA specific newsletters will generally come with a subject line “2024 VSWGA Bulletin #x” and will have “Sent by Vermont State Women’s Golf Association” at the end of the newsletter.  All VSWGA Bulletins are also listed on our website here