2022 Vermont Tri-State Team
Kneeling L to R: Cheryl Hoar, Bonnie Heald, Kathy Kemp, Mary Jane Shomo, Patty McGrath, Kristin Mahoney, Sarah Lee, Chris Johnson,  Jazz Bruce, Jen Steck, Amy Butcher; Standing L to R: Pat Sanborn, Dede Mahler, Josie Herrera, Jen Shaw, Ann Oday, Mary Beth Menduni, Ashley Bond, Jayne Magnant, Nancy Devaux, Mia Politano, Patty Baroudi,  Trish Wade, Rhonda Colvard, Denise Barnard, Dana Cassidy, Fran McCune, Donna Mazut, Edith Hiller, Els Walker, Jen Farrington Not pictured: Reggie Parker

Vermont’s 2022 Tri-State Team Victorious!

Message from the Team Captain, Trish Wade

I’m thrilled to report that after a 2-day battle with New Hampshire and Maine, the Vermont Tri-State team was once again victorious! Our players successfully defended Vermont’s title from last year’s event at Rutland Country Club to retain possession of the trophy.

This year’s Tri-state Tournament was held at Campbell’s Scottish Highlands Golf Course in Salem, New Hampshire. After the first day of 2-person alternate-shot match play, Vermont had 50 points, Maine had 45 and a half points, and New Hampshire had 39 and a half points. On day two of individual matches, we saw our lead shrink to just one point, with Maine and New Hampshire exchanging their positions several times.

All of the Vermont players contributed, and each point was vital.  At the end of the day, we fought back with very strong performances by multiple players in the final 10 matches . Also of note, several players won most of their possible 9 points over the 2 days of competition. Among them were Patty Baroudi (8.75), Ashley Bond (8.25), Jen Steck (8.25), Denise Barnard (7.5), Trish Wade (7), Sarah Lee (6.75), Kristin Mahoney (6.5), Rhonda Colvard (6.5), Jazz Bruce (6.5), Reggie Parker (6.5), and Josie Herrera (6).

Vermont also won the stroke play competition among the state’s Alternates, with our Amy Butcher coming out on top. Jen Farrington finished 3rd.

The final team (corrected) totals in match play were Vermont 148, Maine 137 and a half,  and New Hampshire 121 and a half. I’m so proud of our team!

A special thanks goes out to Peg McBride, our committee chairperson who has been with me on this journey the past 3 years. I couldn’t  have made it without her! I also want to thank Mary Jane Shomo who graciously stepped up to the Assistant Captain role.  She has been invaluable and a wonderful support.

Trish Wade, Captain
2022 Vermont Tri-state team

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