Time Flies/Volunteer Opportunities

Only 8 weeks to go before our first State Day!  Time flies when you are having fun, whether it’s enjoying snow activities up here in Vermont, soaking up the sun and the links somewhere warmer, or maybe a little of both.  Any way you roll during the winter months, the board continues to meet and we have been busy discussing:

  • the 2021 Membership Handbook; it’s now at the printer  
  • how to continue to help our club reps with training and info they can use for members at their clubs (helping to recruit members, preparing for State Days, etc)
  • improving pace of play during our tournaments and State Days
  • and creating a smooth process for allowing adds to State Days over the weekend.   

As always, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  Stay safe and healthy everyone!

  1. VGA Volunteer Opportunities

The VGA would like to involve more women in their activities and have asked the VSWGA to  inform  our members of opportunities on their committees. 

There are 2 committees where they could use our help.

  1. RULES Committee

Current members: Steve Currie (Chairman), Kyle Jacobs, Pat Murray, Roger Schoenbeck, John Goodchild, Herb Eddy, Terry Manley
Need – Could use as many as possible
The committee staffs the major tournaments to answer rules questions that arise during play. Prior rules training can be either on-line courses through the USGA or a local rules seminar. There is a local quiz to document proficiency.         

Ongoing responsibilities:         

  • Be and remain familiar with Rules of Golf
  • Promote the VGA/VSWGA by conducting rules training to member clubs as requested
  • Attend rules school offered by the USGA or VGA… more information to be coming here. 

Further information about time commitments and training can be directed to:   John Goodchild, Executive Director – john@vtga.org / Steve Currie (Chairman) – stevecurrie546@gmail.com

  1. Volunteer Committee

John Goodchild (Chairman), Kyle Jacobs –

(Need at least two more members)

  • Establish a group of volunteers to work at events and especially our major events
  • Work closely with VSWGA on creating club representatives to volunteer
  • Work closely with ED, TD and Tournament Committee on scheduling and job responsibilities
  • Recruit new volunteers

Further information about time commitments can be directed to: John Goodchild, Executive Director – john@vtga.org