Jen Farrington

by Pam Boyd

Board Member
VSWGA Administrator

I’m originally from Binghamton, NY and transferred to Burlington with IBM in 1995.  I have called Vermont my home since then.  I worked at IBM for a number of years, then I was the IT Director at Burton Snowboards, and now I run my own IT Project Management Business. 

I am married to Dave Farrington, and together we have five children between the two of us – Kira, Cameron, Jack, Paige and Cristian.  We live in Burlington, and also we have a condo in Sarasota, Florida that we frequent (part-time) in the winter.

I have been golfing on and off (much more now, less when my kids were younger) since I was 25.  Burlington Country Club is my home course where I have been a full golf member for six years. Prior to that I golfed at various courses and in various leagues, mostly around the Chittenden County area. I started playing State Days a few years ago and LOVE it.  It’s a great opportunity to explore the many beautiful courses around Vermont, spend the day with friends, and meet a wonderful group of golf ladies every round.  I played in my first VSWGA major last year, the Mid-Amateur, and have competed in various tournaments at BCC.  My focus this year was on my mental game.  I love the book “The Inner Game of Golf” by W. Timothy Gallwey.  If you ever hear me humming while I hit the ball, that’s why.

I have been working as the VSWGA Administrator for the past three seasons, 2018-2020.  I really enjoy being the administrator and will continue to be the administrator in 2021.  The board has included me in most meetings and asked for my opinion on most matters and I feel like a valuable member of the organization, however, the admin position is not a board position and  I am glad to be on the board so that I can be a voting member.  I love this organization.  I want to continue to further it’s mission and continue to get women out golfing. I look forward to furthering my involvement by being on the board.

What experience do I bring? 

  1. Technology:  I’m great with computers and technology. I know golf genius inside and out.  I like helping people with computers.
  2. Process:  I am also very process oriented, i.e. I’m always asking “How can we make the process better for our members?”.
  3. People: I am an extrovert. I like meeting people.  When I go to events, I introduce myself to new people.  I golf with different people on purpose all of the time.  I ask people what they think of the organization and how they think things are going.   I really love meeting golf ladies.
  4. Mission:  I am dedicated to this organization and it’s mission.  I felt so lucky this year to be able to get out and golf with friends. It was such a bright spot and provided a “sense of normal” for so many of us.  I want to make sure we, and others, get to do this for a long time to come.