Sis Capeless

VSWGA President 2019-2020

I moved to Vermont in 1980 to work and teach at the University of Vermont Medical School. I spent many years traveling our beautiful state to visit hospitals in my role as Outreach Director in Obstetrics and Maternal Fetal Medicine. 

I rediscovered golf in the late 1990s and quickly became a convert. Taking Tuesdays off work for State Days became the answer to a demanding and stressful job. Traveling to Vermont to visit golf courses gave me the opportunity to view Vermont from a different perspective. My husband Mark also started playing golf and we enjoy taking drives around the state in the summer to play different courses.

Since my semi-retirement in 2014, I have been fortunate to serve on the Board of Directors with a talented and dedicated group of women. We all love the game and most of them (not me) can really play!

My goal is to continue to help provide the golfing experience to Vermont women that I have enjoyed for the past 20 years.