Just a reminder,  if you received an email from info8@vswga.org with the subject line “Carson’s Recovery, do NOT respond to it and do NOT donate money. 

It’s spam.  Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence and you need to beware. Never click on any attachments to a suspicious email or buttons (like the one in that email that says “donate”)! Doing so can allow the spammer to download malicious software to your computer. If you suspect an email is spam, but it is coming from someone you know, check the sender’s email address carefully (in this case, there is an “8” added to our address). You can also call the person to ask if they sent you a message.

Here are a couple things to watch for:

1. The VSWGA will never send out a mass email and solicit monetary donations for a personal cause. Especially one that leads to a gofundme or paypal page.

2. Notice the return address is info8@vswga.org.  This is not a valid vswga email address.  The only vswga email addresses that we have are statedays@vswga.org and info@vswga.org

3. All mass emails from the vswga go out through golfgenius, not from statedays@ or info@.

Thanks for your attention to this.