Ignore the Snow and Sign up for our first State Day this Friday April 16

  1. State Day Registration Opens this Friday, April 16

Our first State Day registration (Burlington Country Club) opens tomorrow, Friday, April 16 at 8am. Use your Golf Genius mobile app or click here to register.  If you have any issues, email statedays@vswga.org.

  1. Covid Protocol

We will begin the season by following similar covid-19 protocol this year where we left off last year.  Each course and club may have their own interpretation of the guidelines put in place by the VGA and the State, therefore, we are asking you to stay safe and for all events it’s important to protect yourself. 

Always plan on bringing masks, wipes and any other protective equipment you need to keep yourself safe.  Maintain Social Distancing.  Do only what you are comfortable doing. Don’t share a cart if you aren’t comfortable with it.  The courses that we play at will certainly do their best to provide us with a clean environment, but it’s up to each of us to do our part as well.   Come prepared. 

“Stay Safe and Stay Healthy”.

  1. Late Adds allowed this year
    1. This year we are allowing “late adds” for State Days.  This means that you can register for a State Day up until the morning of the event.  Here is how it will work:
      1. Registration for a State Day will temporarily close in golf genius on Friday between 8am-5pm.
      2. Tee Sheet gets created and sent to the pro shop/club rep by Friday afternoon.
      3. STEP 1:  Starting Saturday morning, you can call the pro shop to see if there is an open tee time available for you to golf.
      4. STEP 2: If you were able to get a tee time,  go to the event in golf genius. Register and pay for the event.  The registration fee for a late add is $15.
      5. STEP 3: Arrive at the course for your tee time. Let the rep know that you were a late add when you turn in your scorecard.
      6. Note that we will NOT be providing refunds for late add cancelations. If you cancel or don’t show up, you will NOT be refunded your $15.
  1. Tri-States Applications

We are still taking applications for Tri States that will be held on June 15th and 16th at Rutland Country Club.  Everyone with a handicap 30 or less is invited to apply. We need players from all three divisions, but especially in the C division; handicaps 22-30. Applications are due May 7.  Details can be found in the VSWGA handbook. Click here for more information: https://vswga.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/tri-state-1.pdf

Feel free to contact Trish Wade, Tri States Captain,  if you have any questions. wadep2680@gmail.com

  1. Changes to Club Reps and the VSWGA Calendar
    The VSWGA calendars on the website should be up to date. The list of Club Reps on the website is up to date, although email addresses are not included on our website.
  • If anyone sees any other changes to be made to names, emails or phone numbers in the State Day Book, please  email info@vswga.org.
  • If you notice any errors or changes that need to be made to website, please email pamboyd391@gmail.com

As always, contact info@vswga.org if you have any questions.

“The most important shot in golf is the next one” ~ Ben Hogan