VSWGA Bulletin #1: Welcome 2021!

Welcome 2021! Even though there is snow here on the ground in Vermont it doesn’t mean that we aren’t thinking about golf. The VSWGA Board has had several board meetings to wrap up our 2020 season and more importantly, put plans in place for 2021.  We have our 2021 State Day calendar set, our major tournaments set, and a few possibilities for some new and changed events.  

VSWGA 2021 Membership Renewal
Our membership renewal cost will change from $30 to $40 on 1/22, so pay online with a credit card or download the Membership Application and mail it in before 1/22.  Remember that membership is free for ladies 80 and over, free for ladies that joined in 2020 but couldn’t play due to COVID, and free for our Junior ladies.  To date more than 120 women have renewed their membership and 5 new members have joined.  

90th Anniversary Gift
If you didn’t receive your VSWGA 90th Anniversary gift last season (the tee bag with rules tags), please send an email to  info@vswga.org and we will make arrangements to get the gift to you.   

2021 Handbook
The 2021 Handbook is being updated and we expect it to go out in the mail by the end of March.  If you are out of state and would like your handbook mailed somewhere other than your address of record in Golf Genius, please send an email to info@vswga.org and let us know where to mail the handbook.  We have a few “secondary” addresses in our records from previous years, so if you have made the request in years past, no need to contact us again.  Also, we will not be including the driving directions to the clubs in our 2021 membership booklet, so if you use this information be sure to pull this info from your 2020 book before discarding it.

Green Mountain Challenge 
If you were able to visit and play at least 15 courses in 2020, please remember to submit your entry to info@vswga.org for the Green Mountain Challenge by 1/30/21 (the names get listed in our 2021 booklet). The map and detailed info on the program can be found in your 2020 member handbook and also at https://vswga.org/member-handbook/.

Volunteers Needed
We have two current needs for volunteers:

1. Volunteers on the Junior Golf Committee (Contact Lauri Brown with questions).
Junior Golf is the best opportunity to grow our future membership and enrich the lives of the girls in our communities. Volunteers are needed throughout the state to do any of the following:

  • Collect donated equipment
  • Distribute donated equipment
  • Negotiate free or reduced rates for Juniors at your local courses
  • Start a junior league (weekly 9 holes)
  • Mentor junior golfers in your area
  • Offer a brief (15 minutes including Q&A) presentation about VSWGA benefits and opportunities to your golf professional’s junior camps, your school’s gym classes, winter sport gatherings, your parks & recreation department’s youth camps, 4H & scouting groups, etc.
  • Coordinate a scramble between your course’s junior golfers and those of a neighboring course.

2. Help with State Days points calculation (contact Dana Cassidy):

Each week: Verify weekly state day results. Dana will send out results to these volunteers to verify all information and results prior to being posting on the website. 

Every 2 weeks or so: Verify individual and club points to date. Dana will send out her individual/club point spreadsheet along with the weekly state day results pages to this volunteer to be verified prior to being posted on the website.

Golf Genius Mobile App
In 2021 we would like to encourage our members to download and utilize the Golf Genius phone app for registering and viewing results of our events.  The board has been testing it out and it seems fairly easy to use.  This app will serve as an additional way to reach our events, not as a replacement for the traditional way through the vswga.org website, i.e. members will still be able to register for events the same way you could in the past.  If you are feeling adventurous, you can prepare for the season by getting the app and logging in using the instructions below.  Email statedays@vswga.org if you have any issues getting the app.

How to use the Golf Genius Mobile Phone App

  1. Go to your app store on your Android or iPhone. Search for “Golf Genius”. Download the app (orange icon).
  2. Once the App is downloaded, open it and log into it with your golf genius email address and password. You should see the list of our 2021 State Day events.  Note that they will not all be listed there yet. We are still loading the 2021 events into the golf genius system.