Tri-State Tournament to be Rescheduled to 2021

Letter from Trish Wade, Vermont Tri-State Captain

Hello Ladies,

After much discussion and deliberation, I regret that we will have to postpone this year’s Tri-State tournament until 2021. A number of factors have gone into making this decision. At this time, our state is on shutdown and we are instructed to stay in place. Governor Scott isn’t allowing hotel reservations before Monday, June 15th. This would affect anyone who wanted to travel over for a practice round before our scheduled tournament. 

No one can predict how golf courses will be required to operate even when we are allowed to play. Some form of social distancing will likely be in place for the near future and our players health and safety is foremost important to us. The spirit of Tri-States would be greatly diminished if we all can’t gather together, enjoying the competition and opportunity to get to know each other.

We look forward to hosting the 2021 Tri-State tournament and we will be in touch when we have secured a venue and date. We appreciate your understanding and hope everyone stays safe and healthy as we all try to cope with this awful pandemic.

Trish Wade, Vermont Tri-States captain