VSWGA State Days Updates Due to Coronavirus

With the coronavirus restrictions in place, the how, when, and where of the upcoming golf season in Vermont are still undetermined. As of right now play is not allowed, and we are all awaiting the Governor’s recommendation as to when life and our activities can start to return to normal.
It is possible that golf courses will open within the next month, but gatherings such as State Days will likely be changed and possibly limited. The VSWGA and the VGA are spending this time creating plans to make our play days safer for all. There are changes that we know about now. For example, carts will not be shared and walking will be encouraged. There will probably be other changes to come, so we will be starting a section on our website detailing changes.  
We have rescheduled the first three weeks of State Days to later in the season. Neshobe will be 9/1/2020, Burlington Country Club will be 9/8/2020, Copley 8/25/2020, Links at Lang Farm 9/15/2020. We are hopeful that we will be able to start the season on 5/19. Registration for May events will open on 5/1/20 to allow ourselves as much time as possible to accommodate any other necessary changes to our schedule and the registration process. 
In the meantime, the handbooks have been mailed out. If you haven’t received one, please email  and we will get you another one. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through all of these unknowns. I know for me personally,  I am staying hopeful that we will be out golfing in May in one form or another. 
Stay healthy and happy,
Jen Farrington and the VSWGA crew