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Tips to Speed Up Play

Playing at a better pace is not about hurrying up or rushing around the course. It is simply about being more efficient with your time. Two minutes saved per hole will save thirty-six minutes per round.

Follow the flight of all tee shots, not just your own.
• Play a provisional ball if you think your original ball might be lost or out of bounds.
• Keep up with the group in front of you. Your correct position on the course is immediately behind the group in front of you, not immediately in front of the group behind you.

• Before reaching your ball, take note of distance and think about club selection. Take 2 or 3 clubs to your ball. Be at your ball and ready to play when it is your turn.

• Study the line of your putt while others are preparing to putt out.
• Record scores at the next tee, not at the green.
• Pay attention to the location of your cart. Don’t leave it behind.

• When sharing carts, don’t wait in the cart while your cartmate hits.

Note: 2 minutes saved per hole will save 36 minutes per round!

I'm giving you an un-speeding ticket for playing a round of golf in excess of 4 1/2 hours.