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Final State Day and Awards

September 19, 2006

Quechee Club and Woodstock Country Club

2006 State Day Awards

Janet Lang Trophy

Diane Bouffard

Cedar Knoll

86 Points

Genevieve Babbit Smith

     Memorial Trophy

Gwenn Chisholm

St. Johnsbury

9.4 Strokes

Mae Murray Jones Trophy    

Division 1



63 Points

Division 2

St. Johnsbury

58 Points

Division 3

Tater Hill

25 Points

Lowering Handicap the Most

Division A

Lorraine Bjork


-4.9 from 18.6 to 13.7

Divison B

Tammy Kennedy

Vt. National

-7.5 fro 23.0 to 15.5

Division C

Bette Kilduff

Lake St. Catherine

-10.0 from 31.0 to 21.0

Division D

Diane Bouffard

Cedar Knoll

-4.5 from 32.8 to 27.9

Division E

Lorraine Mercy

Enosburg Falls

-4.6 from 34.0 to 29.4


Ginnie Vogel

Terry Kelly

Andrea Brown

Crown Point



At Seniors at Enosburg Falls - 7/19/06

At Orleans on 8/1/06

At Enosburg Falls on 8/22/06


Williston Country Club - Division I Mae Murray Jones Trophy Winners

(Tied with Burlington)  (Photo from 2005)

St. Johnsbury Country Club - Division II Mae Murray Jones Trophy Winners

Tater Hill Country Club - Division III Mae Murray Jones Trophy Winners

Diane Bouffard receives Janet Lang Trophy

from VSWGA President Elizabeth Walker

Gwenn Chisholm receives

Genevieve Babbit Smith Trophy

Burlington Country Club - Division I Mae Murray Jones Trophy Winners (Tied with Williston)