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Final State Day and Awards

September 20, 2005

Quechee Club and Woodstock Country Club

2006 State Day Awards

Janet Lang Trophy

Jeanne Morrissey


97 Points

Genevieve Babbit Smith

     Memorial Trophy

Cheryl Starling

Cedar Knoll

8.5 Strokes

Mae Murray Jones Trophy    

Division 1


79 Points

Division 2

West Bolton

46 Points

Division 3


17 Points

Lowering Handicap the Most

Division A

Wendy Drolette


-4.6 from 16.0 to 11.4

Divison B

Jane Becker

Crown Point

-5.7 from 16.2 to 10.5

Division C

Judy Geriak


-5.4 from 24.6 to 19.2

Division D

Cheryl Starling

Cedar Knoll

-8.5 from 28.1 to 19.6

Division E

Joan Penrod

Rocky Ridge

-6.6 from 34.2 to 27.6


Judy Kurtz

Rhonda Colvard

Sandy Jarvis

Judy Tinker

St. Johnsbury




At Quechee on 9/21/04

At Quechee on 9/21/04

At Richford on 7/22/05

At  St. Johnsbury on 6/28/05


Copley: Division III Mae Murray Jones Trophy Winners

Jeanne Morrissey receiving the

Janet Lang Trophy from Liz Walker

Wendy Drolette

Jane Becker

Joan Penrod

Team Williston: Division I Mae Murray Jones Trophy Winners

(Regi Wahl and Wendy Drolette arrived with the trophy a little late for the festivities.  The lunch time was moved up from 2:30 to 1:00 because of the state day weather cancellations.)

West Bolton - Division II Mae Murray Jones Trophy Winners