VSWGA Office - PO Box 4224, Burlington, VT 05406-4224 - info@vswga.org

The purpose of this Association is to promote interest and friendly competition in golf and  to encourage the development of women golfers in Vermont.

State Day participants are reminded that when Clubs host one of our tournaments, it may inconvenience their members as well as cost them additional money to staff the Club facilities to accommodate us.

We ask that players be mindful of the services provided for us, and ask you to:

Remember that we are guests and not all clubs have the same policies and procedures.  Please respect each club's individual policies. Be gracious and express your appreciation where appropriate. If you have a complaint, alert the Tournament Directors or the State Day Chair, and not the club staff. Rudeness and disrespect demonstrated by any VSWGA member will not be tolerated and will be dealt with by the Board of Directors, and could lead to sanctions.

Your cooperation on these items is greatly appreciated. The opportunity to play competitive golf at quality courses will continue in the future only if we recognize our responsibilities to each host Club.

Things to Remember

A noted psychologist has observed that one’s true personality is revealed when playing golf. State Days are stroke play tournaments in which one competes against players of her own caliber.  Failure to know and observe the Rules and etiquette of the game is unfair both to one’s opponent and one’s self.

From the 1974 State Day Book