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Posted: 10/27/99

Final State Day Awards - Williston Women Win

The Final State Day Awards Luncheon was held at The Quechee Club on September 7, 1999. Janet Hayden of Williston won the Genevieve Babbit Smith Memorial Trophy for lowering her handicap the most during the 1999 season. She lowered her handicap from 30.6 to 19.5 - a difference of 11.1 strokes. Jeanne Morrissey, also of Williston, won the Janet Lang Trophy for the most State Day points with a total of 110 points accummulated over 17 events.

Rocky Ridge won the Mae Murray Jones Trophy for the Division 1 club with the most points with 93 points while Bellows Falls won the Division 2 trophy with 38 points.

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