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Posted: 12/13/99

President's Report

Final Meeting - October 5, 1999

Quechee, VT

The year began with members of the Board working with Margie McBurney to help in proofing the State Day book in an effort to ensure it would be as accurate as possible. As they have done in the past, Margie, Stella, and Jane were most helpful. Also, we added a directions section to the State Day book and, from all reports, it has been helpful even though there were a few corrections needed. Some state days were a bit discouraging this year with the difficulty when calling for tee times at some courses. We are aware of these concerns and are committed to making things better for next season. Congratulations to everyone who won this year and to those who lowered their handicaps the most over the season.

The first event to kick off the 1999 season was the Tri-State Tournament that was held at Green Mountain National in Killington, VT. Although the Vermont team did not take the trophy home again, losing a close match to New Hampshire, it was a great tournament. Thanks to everyone for representing us so well and a special thanks to Kathy Domenicucci and Sally Bridges for all their time and effort.

The next event was the Seniors held at Newport Country Club. We had a strong field, great weather, good food and tremendous hospitality throughout the tournament and fun was had by all. Special thanks for a great job in running the tournament goes to Charity Henderson and her crew.

Following the Seniors came the NEWGA Tournament hosted in Connecticut by the Torrington Country Club. We thank all those who participated in this event and we were proud of all of you. Thanks to Kathy Allbright who has worked as the Vermont representative to NEWGA for the past several years.

Next came the Amateur tournament held at Neshobe Golf Club. This was a true success and fortunately this year the weather cooperated. Both Neshobe and Paul Politano were more than accommodating and it was a great tournament. Again the success of this tournament was dependent upon those in charge and many special thanks to Cathy Brown and her crew for the many hours they put in and the quality of the tournament.

The next event was the VGA scholarship tournament held at Crown Point. As we have done in the past, we sent two teams to this tournament from the VSWGA. One team from the Board and one team from names submitted by club reps from the courses throughout the state. I was somewhat disappointed in the number of names sent in as I had expected everyone to want to play in the tournament. Fun was had by all and the tournament made significant monies to benefit the scholarship fund. In addition to sending two teams in support of the Scholarship Fund, the VSWGA sold over $100.00 worth of raffle tickets as well.

The final event of the year was the Mid-Amateur held at Proctor-Pittsford. The field consisted of 60 players and the weather was truly beautiful. Despite a few initial glitches, the tournament was a true success. Special thanks to Aejaie Sellers and Suzie Candon and the Proctor-Pittsford course for making this a fine tournament.

I would also like to thank Margaret Dick and Marilyn Patton for organizing the rating teams to rate courses throughout the state this season. We have added some new faces to the team and those individuals along with the returners worked hard to rate your courses. My thanks to all who helped in this endeavor.

Also, I would like to thank our resident rules person - Shari Pfannenstein - for all her help during the year. We have sent her to several USGA rules sessions and she has done extremely well in helping when tough rules decisions were needed. We are hoping to have Shari conduct at least two sessions next season where we can invite individuals from your clubs to come.

This year we tried a new approach to attempt to keep all Club Reps up-to-date on what is expected of them when hosting a state day. The Directors (North, Central, South and At-Large) called the club reps before the start of the State Day season and went through procedures, etc. It appears this helped with club reps both old and new. I would like to thank Margie McBurney and Pat Job for all they do throughout the year. Their jobs are not easy.

We purchased one VSWGA banner and flags for use at all tournaments thanks to Missy Jasmin and Cathy Brown. Also, Neshobe gave us a banner for the amateur this year that can be used for future tournaments as well.

With the expertise and donated time of Cindy Paquet, we instituted a VSWGA web site this season. From all that I have heard from those who have looked at it, it has been well received. In putting this together, Cindy was able to find some of the older information and update some of the historical data. If you are viewing the site and see some empty spaces where dates, sites, winners, etc. are missing and know what should be there, please contact me or Cindy with the information. I would like to let everyone know that, had we not had someone like Cindy to do this for us, it would have cost thousands of dollars. Also, another individual would not have had the golf knowledge and taken the initiative to include as much information as she did. Cindy has expressed her willingness to continue as our website administrator and we hope we can use this site to keep everyone abreast of what is happening in women's golf in Vermont. Thanks so much Cindy.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support throughout my two years as President. I know I made mistakes and may have been a bit grouchy at times, but with everyone's support, it was a lot easier to correct mistakes and move on to the next challenge. One thing I will always do is care about all our women golfers in Vermont from those with the highest handicaps to those with the lowest handicaps. I also want to thank the Board for their support and willingness to go the extra mile when necessary. I do want to tell all of you that this Board has been great to work with and everyone has demonstrated a willingness to pitch in and help whenever it was needed. Too often we forget that this is a volunteer organization and sometimes don't realize how much these people do for us - the women golfers of Vermont. My thanks to the Board for their caring and for all they have done and continue to do.

If you are someone who is willing to work, cares about the VSWGA, is actively involved, has time to devote to this organization, and would like to be considered for the Board, please send me a letter expressing that interest with reasons why you would like to be considered and why you feel you would be a good addition. This will help our nominating committee in their deliberations for next year.

The schedule for the 2000 season is pretty well set except for the Seniors' Tournament. We have contacted seven courses asking if they would be willing to host the Seniors' next year and the Amateur the following year and are still waiting for responses from some. Since our meeting in October, Manchester CC has agreed to host the Seniors' in 2000 and the Amateur in 2001.

Tri-State Tournament

June 21,22

Eastman, NH



Sugarloaf, ME

Seniors’ Tournament

July 12,13


Amateur Tournament

August 9, 10, 11



Sept 16, 17


Finally, I hope if you have suggestions, concerns, ideas, etc., that you will not hesitate to contact me. I think we have a great organization in the VSWGA, but we always welcome new ideas and strive to improve what we offer to the women golfers of Vermont.

Thanks again for your support and we look forward to an even better year in 2000.

Respectfully submitted,

Sally Guerette

VSWGA President