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Posted:  2/1/18



This questionnaire was sent to last year’s VSWGA members in December 2017. The survey was closed on 1/5/2018 with 193 responses. A total of 374 emails were sent, so 193 represents over half of our members. The response rate is considered high. Our previous survey two years ago had 155 responses.

We have attempted to summarize the results. Be aware that many women answered only a few of the questions, so even though the total number of responses was 193, for most questions the number of responses was less.


1. Age - 80% of the respondents were 56->70; 60% between 55-70; 14% between 35-55; and no one was less than 35.

2. Membership duration - 62% have been members between 5-20 years; 22% were relatively new members at < 5 years.

3. Web site - The majority use the site to check the State Day calendar. Very few stated that they never check the site.

4. Board information - 77% want access to board minutes.

5. Junior golf - Many women were not sure what their clubs offered. We think about half the clubs have junior programs.

[This question was not configured correctly to collect the data required. We do not know the clubs’ names or type of program.]

6. Volunteering - 134 answered. There were 171 responses; 36 gave more than one response. 64% stated they cannot volunteer at this time; 48 people said they would volunteer.

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7. State Tournament Participation - 119 answered. There were 215 responses; 96 gave more than one response.

8. Factors affecting decision to play - Location and dates are most important. Prizes are a minor factor in decision to play.

9. Senior tees - 25% are more likely to play with senior tees; 48% said no, but this doesn't mean they object to senior tees.

10. Possible changes to State Amateur (multiple choices given)

52 preferred a 2 vs 3-day tournament; 28 preferred to play 1 day over a weekend; 46 preferred to have a later start time on the first day; 56 preferred no changes.

Comments on Factors for not wanting to play Amateurs

11. Fall Awards Classic - 71% liked Quechee as the location. 58% liked the format. Pairings, lunch, cost, and prizes were chosen in the 40% range.

Comments on FAC

Submitted by Eleanor Capeless & Kathy Sikora, January 2018

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