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Posted:  6/18/15

Vermont Wins Tri-States

The Vermont team extended its Tri-State winning streak to six consecutive years with a narrow victory at The Oaks Golf Links in Somersworth, NH.   Vermont took a commanding lead of 13.5 points after Tuesday’s alternate shot matches, but saw that lead dwindle to just 5 points over New Hampshire as the Wednesday individual matches were completed.

In Tuesday’s alternate shot format, the teams of  Kathy Allbright and Nancy Murphy and Patty McGrath and Amy Gregory each took 5.5 points out of a possible 6 points.  The team of Edith Hiller and Nancy Cole won 5 points, and the teams of Kristin Mahoney and Stacie Eaton, Terry Boyce and Elizabeth Walker, Denise Barnard and Pam Shover, and Chris Johnson and Kathy Sikora all took 4.5 points.

In Wednesday’s individual matches, Kathy Allbright, Stacie Eaton, and Nancy Murphy each took all six points.  Bonnie Heald, Chris Johnson, and Suzanne Neville each took 5.5 points.

In the stroke play competition among the alternates, Linda McNeil of Maine won low gross and Sherri Thomas of Maine won low net.  Trish Wade of Vermont was leading the competition after the first day, but was called in to substitute for Pam Engel who was ill on Wednesday.

Next year’s tournament will be held at the Samoset Resort on the Maine coast.  This will be an awesome venue.

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