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Posted: 6/21/13

Vermont Wins Tri-States by One Point

The Vermont Tri-State Team came from behind to edge the New Hampshire Team by just one point.  Vermont finished with 145 points to New Hampshire's 144 points.  Maine was third with 116 points.   Vermont trailed New Hampshire by 3.5 points after the alternate shot matches on Wednesday, but all three handicap division came on strong in the individual matches giving Vermont its fourth consecutive Tri-State victory.

After the opening day of play in the alternate shot format, New Hampshire took a slim 3.5 point lead over Vermont.  New Hampshire had 55 points, Vermont had 51.5, and Maine had 28.5. The top point winning teams for Vermont were: Maggie Weaver and Jen Shaw with 6 points, Nancy Gorham-LaSante and Cheryl Hoar with 5.5, Phyllis Simon and Kathy Dube with 5.5, Kathy Allbright and Nancy Murphy with 5, Amy Gregory and Carol Miner with 5, Rhonda Colvard and Cindy Paquet with 4.5, Mickey Potwin and Kathy Gaudreau with 4.5, Kristin Mahoney and Stacie Eaton with 4, and Elizabeth Walker and Terry Boyce with 4.

Thursday's individual matches saw Terry Boyce, Amy Gregory, and Kathy Gaudreau winning all of their possible six points.  Rhonda Colvard and Janet Hayden each added five points, Patty McGrath and Sarah Lee added 4.5 points, and Elizabeth Walker, Stacie Eaton, Nancy Murphy, Edith Hiller, and Linda Maney each had four points.  Terry, Sarah, and Linda are all first time Tri-State players.  No Vermont player in any of the three divisions was shut out.  As it turned out, we needed every single one of those points and half points.

Natanis Golf Course in Vassalboro, Maine proved to be a wonderful site for the tournament.  The Browne family, course owners, were very gracious and accommodating.  The course was beautiful featuring several challenging holes over the last ten holes making for an interesting match play venue.  To make the tournament even more perfect, the weather finally turned and we had two warn, sunny days to play.

A wonderful banquet was held nearer the hotel at the Waterville Country Club.  Sarah Lee of Vermont was the winner of the 50-50 raffle.

Fran McCune of Vermont was the low net winner of the separate competition among the alternates from the three states.

Next year's tournament will be held at St. Johnsbury Country Club.

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Thanks to Phyllis Simon for some of these photos.