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Posted: 6/21/12

Vermont Wins Tri-States

The 2012 Tri-State Tournament was held in perfect weather in the beautiful Mt. Washington valley in Bretton Woods, NH.  The Vermont team took advantage of the spectacular setting and pulled out another come-from-behind victory edging the host New Hampshire team by just 4.5 points.

In Tuesday's alternate shot format, New Hampshire took a 9 point lead over Vermont scoring 53 points to Vermont's 44 points and Maine's 38 points.  The strong Williston team of Janet Hayden and Pam Shover lead the way for Vermont taking 5.5 points.  Nancy Murphy and Kathy Allbright teamed for 5.0 followed by the teams of Holly Reynolds and Kristin Mahoney and Jane Horton and Cindy Paquet with 4.5 points.  Carol Miner and Suzanne Neville added 4 points and Ellen Grimes and Phyllis Simon added 3.5 points.

In Wednesday's individual match play,  Vermont's C division lead the way early with a powerful 38 point surge quickly wiping out the 9 point deficit and taking the lead which the A and B divisions would keep to secure the victory.  Vermont ended with a total of 148 points to New Hampshire's 143.5 points and Maine's 113 points.  Maggie Weaver, Nancy Cole, Phyllis Simon, and Cindy Paquet all took the maximum of 6 points.  Ellen Sheffer, Jen Shaw, Patty McGrath, and Kathy Allbright took 5.5 points while Pam Shover and Cheryl Hoar took 5 points.  Edith Hiller, Nancy Murphy, Kathy Gaudreau, and Vermont's anchor Holly Reynolds each took 4 points.

Kathy Dube of Williston won low gross honors in the stroke play competition among the alternates.

Thanks to Pam Shover and Kathy Allbright for the photos.

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