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Posted: 6/24/11

Vermont Wins Tri-States

This year's annual Tri-State Tournament was held at Green Mountain National Golf Course in Killington, Vermont on June 22 and 23, 2011.  The tournament is a team competition among Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont with each state sending a 30-person team.  The first day of the two-day competition is an alternate shot format with 2-person teams playing a three-way match with teams from the other states with a total of six points per match at stake.  The second day of play is in the traditional individual match play format with each player playing for a maximum of six points.  The team with the most points at the end of play is the winner. 

After a practice round day of perfect weather (see photos) on a perfect golf course, Wednesday's weather deteriorated quickly into a steady rain.  As bad as that was, Thursday's weather was worse as a thundershower blew through causing the course, which had seen about three inches of rain over night on Wednesday, to become quickly unplayable.  The second day of play with the individual matches was cancelled and the results after Wednesday's alternate shot play stood as the final results.

After Wednesday's alternate shot play, Vermont took an 8 point lead over New Hampshire and a 10 point lead over Maine.  The team of Cheryl Hoar and Cathy Neff took all six points while the teams of Reggie Parker and Kristin Mahoney and Ellen Grimes and Phyllis Simon took 5.5 points.  The teams of Rhonda Colvard and Jen Shaw and Janet Hayden and Pam Shover took 5 points

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Thanks to Cynthia Borck for the last three photos.