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Posted: 6/28/10  Updated: 6/30/10

Tri States Results

This year's annual Tri-State Tournament was held at Waterville Country Club, Waterville, ME on June 23 and 24, 2010.  The tournament is a team competition among Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont with each state sending a 30-person team.  The first day of the two-day competition is an alternate shot format with 2-person teams playing a three-way match with teams from the other states with a total of six points per match at stake.  The second day of play is in the traditional individual match play format with each player playing for a maximum of six points.  The team with the most points at the end of play is the winner. 

After the first day of play in the alternate shot format, Maine took a commanding 10.5 lead over Vermont.  Maine had 53.5 points, Vermont had 43.0, and New Hampshire had 38.5.  The teams of Kristin Mahoney and Mary Jane Shomo, both of Rutland and Kathy Gaudreau and Mickey Potwin, both of Lake Morey, lead the Vermont team taking all six points.  Edith Hiller of Rutland and  Patty McGrath of Green Mountain National followed with 5.5 points and Suzanne Neville of Equinox and Maggie Weaver of Manchester added 5 points


Vermont came on strong in the individual matches on Thursday to overcome Maine's lead and win the championship by two points.  Vermont ended with a total of 141 points to Maine's 139, and New Hampshire's 125.

Sue Ming of St. Johnsbury was the only Vermonter to take all six points in the individual matches.  Mary Jane Shomo of Rutland, Kathy Allbright of Crown Point, Mickey Potwin of Lake Morey, and Phyllis Simon of Vermont National each won 5.5 points while Bonnie Heald of Rutland, Doris Wildes of the Country Club of Vermont,  and Pam Shover of Williston added 5.0 points each.

Cecily Whiting of Maine aced the 123-yard second hole.

Thanks to Pam Shover and Phyllis Simon for the photos.

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