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Posted: 6/25/09

Maine Wins Tri-States

The 2009 Tri-State Tournament was held at Hanover Country Club in Hanover, NH on June 23 and 24.  Maine won the tournament by a slim margin of 6 points over Vermont.  Over the two days of play, Maine scored a total of 149 points to Vermont's 143 points and New Hampshire's 113 points.  Vermont had won the trophy for the past two years, but Maine had not won since 2001.

The tournament consists of two days of match play among Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont with each state sending a 30-member team.  The first day of play is an alternate shot format.  The teams of Edith Hiller of Rutland and Rhonda Colvard of Burlington and Pam Shover and Janet Hayden, both of Williston, each took five of the six available points.  Ellen Sheffer of Neshobe and Diane Jones of St. Johnsbury took four points.  Maine's B Division proved to be the driving force for Maine in the alternate shot play giving Maine a 12 point edge over Vermont.  Overall, Maine ended with an 11.5 point lead after the first day of play.

The second day of play is in the traditional individual match play format.  Edith Hiller of Rutland and Pam Shover of Williston both took all six points while Kristin Mahoney of Rutland, Ellen Sheffer of Neshobe, and Diane Jones of St. Johnsbury took 5.5 points.  Mickey Potwin of Lake Morey, Bonnie Heald of Rutland, and Janet Hayden of Williston each contributed 5 points.  Carol Lisai of Tater Hill and Jeanne DiBattisto of Lake Morey each took 4.5 points.  The fine play of Vermont's C Division erased the 11.5 point deficit, but Maine's A Division hung on to enough points for the win.

The two alternates from Vermont and New Hampshire played a separate tournament.  Nancy Murphy of Proctor-Pittsford was the gross winner.

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Vermont’s Catherine Shomo putting for birdie