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Posted: 6/29/07

Vermont Wins Tri-States

Phyllis Simon accepting trophy from Helen Plourd and Pat Pierson

The Vermont team won the 2007 Tri-State Tournament in Rockland, Maine yesterday by a slim nine point margin over the always tough New Hampshire team.   Vermont acquired a modest 5.5 point lead over Maine and  6.5 point lead over New Hampshire after the first day's alternate shot competition.  Vermont held the lead for the first part of the second day's individual matches, but New Hampshire pulled ahead by a few points with just a few more teams still on the course.  However, Stacie Eaton's 5.5 points turned the tide back in favor of Vermont for good.  The final point totals were Vermont - 146.0, New Hampshire - 137.0 and Maine - 122.0.

First time participant Phyllis Simon of Vermont National was the top point winner for Vermont taking all six points in the alternate shot competition with her partner Pam Shover of Williston and all six points in the individual competition.  Phyllis is the VSWGA vice president and Vermont's Tri-State Chair.  Kathy Allbright of Crown Point took a total of 11 points while Stacie Eaton of Rutland chipped in 10.5 points, both playing in the tough A division.  Edith Hiller of Rutland followed with 9.5 points while Mari Harter of Orleans and Pam Shover each had 9 points.  Rutland's young super star, Catherine Shomo won 8.5 points playing in her first Tri-State tournament and playing in the number one position.  Cheryl Hoar of Burlington also added 8.5 points while Diane Jones of St. Johnsbury added 8 points.

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Stacie Eaton for birdie on 18 with New Hampshire's Louse Billy

Rules Review at the Trade Winds

Dinner at the Landing near the Trade Winds

Rockland Harbor near the Trade Winds

Charter Boat at Rockland