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Posted: 7/4/06

Deb Rogavin

Another former Williston golfer has passed away.  Deb Rogavin died on Tuesday, June 27, 2006, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she had moved to be with the love of her life, Greg Lutz, just a few short years ago.  

Deb was diagnosed with multiple myeloma less than 2 years ago and fought hard to stay with all us, enduring chemotherapy, stem cell replacement, radiation, and any new drug the doctors had to offer. 

Deb was a member of Williston Golf Course for years and loved the game of golf.  She played in State Days until she moved to Michigan, she played in the Amateurs and the mid-Ams, and in the Thursday morning league.  She was a great friend to Ingrid Franz, who predeceased her in September 2005, and to so many others at Williston and other courses.  A couple of her friends saw her in May and they all enjoyed their short time together.  They gambled, ate, shopped, just the sorts of things they did when Deb lived in Vermont. 

Deb moved to Vermont to go to UVM.  She stayed here for nearly 30 years after graduation and worked in the banking industry, before becoming quite the entrepreneur.  She loved trips to Montreal and Atlantic City and continued her "travels" to places like Windsor and Boyne.  She is survived by her husband, Greg, and her parents, Dick and Jane Rogavin.  Her sister, Randi, predeceased her. 

There are plans to have a memorial service for her in the Burlington area in the next month. 

We're pretty sure that Deb is playing golf adjacent to some casino right now - with Ingrid! 

In the above photo, Deb is on the left with fellow Williston golfer Ingrid Franz who passed away of cancer in 2005.