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Posted: 6/24/05

New Hampshire Wins Tri-States

Tournament Co-Chairs Susan Ginnett and Roberta Lynch

presentsTri-State trophy to

the New Hampshire president

The usually strong New Hampshire team traveled to Haystack Country Club with one goal in mind and that was to regain the Tri-State trophy after losing it to Vermont last year in Maine.  New Hampshire built a substantial lead on day one of the competition with 53 points to Maine's 46.5 and Vermont's 35.5.  The New Hampshire team continued their strong play on day two winning the trophy by a wide margin of 36.5 points over Maine and 52 points over Vermont.

In the alternate shot competition where both players drive on each hole, one  ball is selected, and players alternate shots in to the hole, Vermont usually manages to start strong with several teams taking 5 or 6 points.  That was not the case this year as the only team  to take more than 4 points was the duo of Andrea Brown and Kathy Allbright who took all six points.  This was Andrea's first Tri-State competition and she was the bright spot for the Vermont team as she also took all six points in the individual competition.  Kathy Allbright, a team veteran of 25 years, was another bright spot taking 11.5 out of the 12 points.

This year's  tournament was held June 22 & 23  at Haystack Country Club in Wilmington, Vermont near southern Vermont's ski resorts.  The photo below is the spectacular view from the 11th tee.

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The highlight of the tournament for the Vermont team may have been the Tuesday evening BBQ at the home of VSWGA president Elizabeth Walker.  Liz very graciously hosted all three teams (90 people).  Here, some Vermonters chat with Maine players and Liz's dog.

2005 Vermont Team

Maine TEam

Practice Before Thursday's Matches

Anchor Group:  Lori Frost (Maine), Andrea Morrell (NH)

and Reggie Parker (Vermont)