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Posted: 11/17/03

Chris Morgan Has Died

Chris Morgan, 50, passed away at her home in Milton on Tuesday, November 11 following a long battle with a rare form of cancer.  Chris  was an avid golfer and an active member of Kwiniaska with a 12 handicap.  Chris graduated from UVM with a degree in medical technology in 1975 and obtained a master's degree in science administration from St. Michaels's in 1989.  She was employed at Fletcher Allen for 28 years.   She was not only an excellent golfer but also played basketball, soccer, and softball.  She played basketball on the UVM women's team and was a devoted fan of the Lady Cats.  A memorial service was held for her last Sunday at the Ira Allen Chapel on the UVM campus.  Here are a few lines of a song which was written for Chris by Mary Proventure and performed by her at the memorial service:

Fireflies across the skies, make me think of you

Every sport on every court you were shining through

Never giving up or in you gave it your best shot

I know you know we loved you so

How could we have not...

On a personal note, I was unsure about putting this notice on the website since Chris didn't participate in any VSWGA events that I know of even though she was a excellent player.   However, after attending Chris' memorial service and seeing the number of golfers present and the number of people who cared about her, I felt strongly that I should note her life and death here on the website.  I didn't know Chris that well - I had played with her a couple of times at the Williston member-guest where she was Jeanne Morrissey's partner and I had seen her a few other times at various invitationals in the Burlington area.  Even in that brief time, it was easy to see that Chris was an extraordinary person and it was a privilege to have met her.  She had a very positive attitude about life, even in the face of her horrible diagnosis.  I will miss her cheerful, friendly personality and her bright smile and I'm sure Kwiniaska will never be quite the same again or as well organized without her.    Cindy