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Posted: 6/27/03

New Hampshire Wins 2003 Tri-State Tournament

New Hampshire won this year's  Tri-State Tournament at North Conway Country Club in North Conway, NH with a 2-day point total of 176 points to Vermont's 143 points.  Maine was third with 86 points.  New Hampshire always sends a strong team and has won the trophy 23 out of the 51 years that the tournament has been held.

Even in a losing effort, there were bright spots in the Vermont team's performance.  Barbara Dittmer and Jeanne DiBattisto teamed well in the alternate shot competition on the first day taking 5.5 out a possible six points and Liz Walker and Marilyn Patton took 5 points.  In the individual matches on the second day, Stacie Eaton of Rutland was the only Vermont player in the A division to win more that half her points.  She took all six points as did Nancy Gorham-LaSante of St. Johnsbury in the B division.  Pam Shover of Williston and Stella Sargent of Copley took all six points in the C division.  Marilyn Patton of Barre was the top overall point winner for Vermont with 10.5 points.

Congratulations to Pat Upham of New Hampshire who scored a hole-in-one during the individual matches.  She's shown here having dollar bills stuffed down her shirt by her teammates.  Congratulations to Pat.

This year marks the third year in a row the the Tri-State tournament has been held in a 90+ degree heat wave.  The Vermont team is determined to find cooler shirts for next year's event.

One of the highlights of this year's tournament was the lobster and steak BBQ put on by the North Conway Country Club.   Vermont's Sue Ming is shown here enjoying the lobster.

The Vermont team missed one of it's long time players, Janice Yates, of Rutland. Janice is recovering from a stroke in the Rutland hospital. We all wish her a speedy recovery.

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