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Posted: 6/20/02

Vermont Scores Big in Tri-States

A strong Vermont Tri-State team scored a big victory in the 50th Anniversary tournament at Rutland winning by a margin of over 50 points over usually tough rival New Hampshire. The totals were: Vermont - 189 pts, New Hampshire - 137.5 pts, and Maine - 78.5 pts.

This year's competition featured the addition of an extra day of competition in the Modified Chapman alternate shot format. The Vermont team built a substantial 11.5 point lead after the first day of play.

On a course where local knowledge is unusually important, the "Rutland Factor" played a key role in Vermont's victory. The ten Rutland players on the Vermont team were involved in winning 95 out of Vermont's 189 points. Vermont's A Division, led by Margie Bowes of Mt. Anthony, fared better than usual this year against New Hampshire's always powerful A Division finishing with 30 points against New Hampshire's 30.5. As usual, however, it was Vermont's B and C divisions which secured the victory.

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