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Posted: 6/6/02

Tee Time System Installed

The Chelsea Automated Tee-Time System (computer, software, and phone lines) has been installed. A training session was given by Les Margolin, Chelsea's owner, to several members of the VSWGA board and state day task force who will be responsible for administering the system. Everyone who attended the session was impressed with the system and excited about the way it works. We are all looking forward to the time when we can cut over to it for state days.Over the next few weeks, the task force members will be doing some administrative work such as setting up the course profiles for tee-time ranges, intervals, etc., verifying the state day participants' GHIN numbers, and writing a user's guide. We will also be testing the system extensively. If all goes well, the tentative cut over date is July 22nd for the August 6th state days (Brattleboro, Rocky Ridge, Alburg).

Well in advance of the cut over date, each state day participant will receive a detailed set of instructions on how to make a tee-time reservation request, how to add, delete, or change a tee-time reservation, and how to confirm your accepted tee-time and course selection. These instructions will be either emailed (if you have an email address in our data base) or sent via regular mail. You can start preparing for this cut over now by gathering the GHIN numbers of all the people in your state day group. You will be able to make tee time requests for up to 8 players.

For the first week of use, the tee-time placement will be a true lottery since there will be no playing history on which to base the placement. The second week will have one week's history. As we continue through time, more history will be built up. A group's priority rating is determined by averaging the rating of all the players in the group. A player's priority rating is based on playing history. A player receives a point for playing a state day and additional points for playing a course with a lower rating. For example, your rating will improve if you played several 9-hole courses versus playing only the premium courses such as Country Club of Vermont and Dorset. More information on this will be included in the instructions.

Tee time requests for a state day can be made any time during a 1-week window starting two weeks prior to the state day. Note that it makes no difference when you make the request during that window. There is no advantage to calling at 7:00 on the first day. The requests are all put in the "pot" until "placement" is made on the Tuesday prior to the state day.

When you make your phone call (using a touch tone phone), you will be asked to enter the following information using the phone buttons:

The computer will then speak the information requested and, if correct, you will be given a confirmation number. The caller should listen to the message until the confirmation number is given. That confirmation number is your record of having made your request. More detailed instructions will be included in the User's Guide. You will able to make changes to this tee time request anytime prior to the cut off date, which is Tuesday one week prior to the state day.

After the tee time placement program is run, you will be able to confirm both the course and the tee time assignment using either the phone options or the internet. A link to the tee time pages will be provided on our web site (www.vswga.org). After the placement until the Monday prior to the tournament, you will also be able to make tee-time reservations on a first come, first served basis if times are available. You will also be able to cancel.

This is just a preliminary overview of the system to give you an idea of how it will work. More detail will be included in the mailing that you will receive. If you have any questions, you can email any of the following people:

Kathy Domenicucci - kdfdvt@sover.net

Shari Pfannenstein - pfanner@aol.com

Harriet Parot - hparot@okemo.com

Roberta Lynch - Robertalynch@mindspring.com

Cindy Paquet - cpaquet@surfglobal.net