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Posted: 9/19/01

Jane Horton Wins Janet Lang Trophy

Jane Horton, of Copley, is the 2001 winner of the Janet Lang Trophy for the player winning the most points in state days for the 2001 season. Jane had a total of 83 points, 14 points more than last year's winner Jeanne Morrissey.

The Genevieve Babbit Smith Memorial Trophy for the individual who lowered her handicap the most during the 2001 season went to Dora Pealer of Williston. This is the 4th year in a row that a Williston player has won this trophy. Last year's winner was Lauren Groff, the 1999 winner was Janet Hayden, and Dora was the winner in 1998. Other players receiving awards for lowering their handicaps were Jane Horton of Copley (A Division) - 3.5 strokes, Sara Rizk of Rutland (B Division) - 7.6 strokes, Jan Pannett of Copley (D Division) - 5.3 strokes, and Diane Hill of Brattleboro and Leah Booska of Cedar Knoll (E Division) - 7.3 strokes.

The Mae Murray Jones Trophy for the Division I club with the most points went to Williston for the second straight year with 69 points. The Division II award went to Copley with 27 points while the Division III award went to Vermont National with 21 points.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Congratulations also to Joan Wilson, Pam Jaynes, Sue Ginnett, and Patti Haas all of whom had a hole-in-one during state day competition.

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