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Posted: 9/19/00

Jeanne Morrissey Wins State Day Points Title

Jeanne Morrissey accepting Janet Lang Trophy from VSWGA officers

Pat Job, Margie McBurney, and Sally Guerette

Jeanne Morrissey of Williston repeated for the second year in a row as the State Day points winner (Janet Lang Trophy) with an impressive 130 points, twenty better than last year. The second place point winner was Linda Maney of Northfield with 81 points, followed by Dora Pealer and Kathy Mee both of Williston with 78 and 76 points respectively.

The Genevieve Babbit Smith Memorial Trophy for the individual who lowered her handicap the most during the 2000 season went to Lauren Groff of Williston. Last year's winner, Janet Hayden, was also from Williston. Other players receiving awards for lowering their handicaps were Carol Miner of Manchester (A Division) - 2.4 strokes, Isabelle Finch Daley of Rocky Ridge (B Division) - 4.4 strokes, Kathy Mee of Williston (C Division) - 7.0 strokes, and Cathy Neff of Williston (D Division) - 5.6 strokes.

The Mae Murray Jones Trophy for the Division I club with the most points went to Williston with 80 points upsetting perennial winner Rocky Ridge which was second with 67 points. The Division II award went to Cedar Knoll with 42 points while the Division III award went to Lake St. Catherine with 14 points.

Congratulations to all the winners, especially the Williston players who have dominated the competition for the last two years. Three of the top four individual point winners were from Williston and three of the five players lowering their handicaps most were from Williston.

Congratulations also to Putzy Pinto of Stratton who had a hole-in-one at Mt. Anthony on the first week of state day play this spring.

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