Jena Wood


I am crazy about the game of golf, and I am delighted that I can be of service to an organization that enhances the golf experience for so many women throughout the state.

For me, golf started as a livelihood and evolved into a very compelling and sometimes frustrating pastime. For most of my career I was an owner and manager of a family golf business in Pennsylvania that included two courses and a practice facility. I loved my job but I worked a bazillion hours, so I rarely had time to play.

In 2009, my husband Basil and I moved to Stowe and joined Stowe Country Club. I am happy to report that I am now making up for all those lost rounds.

When I am not trying to find my inner Annika, my interests are endless; but a few of my keener pursuits are backcountry skiing, drawing/ sketching, and exploring the world with our terrier, Harper Lee.