The first thirty years were devoted to anything but golf. My youth was spent on the back of a horse attempting to grow up on Long Island.  I got my first pony for my fifth birthday.  My parents had a great home on Long Island Sound.  Fishing, sailing and equestrian sports were in, school sports were big but no golf.  We spent every summer in Marlboro, VT.  We would get picked up on the last day of school in June and head straight to Vermont.  School always started the Wednesday after Labor Day but we never got back to LI until a week later. Summers were carefree spent swimming, biking and horseback riding.  I spent my teen years going to a horseback camp in South Royalton and many a time in Woodstock at GMHA.  No Golf!  My first degree was an A.S. in Veterinary Technology.    A few years later I went to work for a major NY bank.  While working at the Bank I earned a B.S. Degree majoring in Finance with a minor in Economics.  I spent 8 years commuting to NYC from L.I.   

In the spring of 1986 I purchased a sailboat.  I thought since I was working and not getting away from LI so much I should pursue sailing.  I had a great summer with that boat.  Things were about to change.  Late that summer I spent my vacation in Canada with my cousins.  Picked up my first golf club and the rest was history.  In fact they had a large sailboat and we went out for five days sailing and every day we would dock, grab our clubs and hoof it to a new course.  After golf we would set sail, swim and move on to a new location.  I’ve not done that since.   

Shortly thereafter I left the bank and took an extended summer in VT playing golf.  I was hooked.  I spent another 5 years living on LI and working, as a VP of finance for a firm that serviced the financial/insurance needs of the Thoroughbred Breeding Industry worldwide.  I traveled extensively and a lot of us played golf.   In 1992 when that position ended I made the decision to relocate to Vermont on a permanent basis. 


Golf has become a major part of my life.  It offers two very important things to me.  

First, I love to compete.  I can go out by myself and just be competing against the course.  There is always a drive in me to get better at whatever I’m doing.  Second, golf is great for meeting people.  You spend four hours playing with people; you are going to learn something about them.  Maybe they will become a good friend and lots of four-hour rounds happen or you may learn never to play with them again.   

The game of golf has offered me a chance to travel not only throughout Vermont but also New England and beyond.  I have played the VT Amateur for about twenty years and the mid-amateur since its inception.  In 2012 I will have aged enough to play in the VT Seniors.  I have competed in NEWGA and Tri-States for several years.  I have been a playing Captain on two USGA State Team Championships.  I’ve also had the good fortune to play in Scotland and Ireland.  I’m always looking for somewhere else to travel and play golf.  There are several good prospects on “The Bucket List”, with Bandon Dunes at the top.  

The biggest proponent of my golf has been the VSWGA.  Playing in State Championships and the Tri-State is a great way to meet fellow VSWGA members and really get to know them.  There have been many motels, diners, restaurants and bars.  AND WOW, THE STORIES THAT ARE TOLD! 


I have had the opportunity to serve the VSWGA in the capacities of Tournament Chair, Director, Vice President and President.  Everyone leaves a little mark on the organization.  I was always thankful for those who came before me for organizing and running such a wonderful organization.  I am just as grateful for those who continue to volunteer to serve today.  The goal should always be to promote the game of golf to Ladies of all ages.  The junior girls program was taking off during my Presidency.   In the nineties we rarely had a junior in the State Amateur. And for about the last 10 years we have had many juniors and they have been strong players.  In the last few years we have seen both a college student and a senior win our State Championship.  I am always amazed to hear so many famous people. Particularly athletes, say, “ I am going to retire and play more golf”.  

Upon completion of my six years on the VSWGA Board Jim Farrell appointed me a USGA Committee Member.  I am very proud to serve the USGA and hope that in that capacity I can offer some further assistance to the VSWGA.  

This Bio is due to be on our web site during early May, or the beginning of our Golf season.  I wish you all a good golf; good health and may the Golf Gods present you with more birdies than bogeys.

Elizabeth Walker

USGA Women's Regional Affairs Committee