I took my first golf lesson about a year after I graduated from college. It all started with the idea that I would try something new, and to be honest, I wasn’t all that good or all that into it. Now is a long way from that time and that feeling.

Today I can barely remember what I did with my time before golf. Since I joined Lake Morey Country Club and the VSWGA three years ago, I have played more golf each year and have really learned an amazing amount about play and tournaments. It’s always a challenge, but I’m definitely hooked on the game! By participating in state days and the Mid-Amateur, I have been given the chance to meet some amazing women to both laugh with and compete against.

I decided to run for a seat on the Board because I believe I can add the perspective of a younger participant and because I want to give back and take part.

I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri and graduated from The College of Saint Benedict in St. Joseph, Minnesota. Having spent time in a number of states during my life, I am lucky to have lived in Vermont for the last thirteen years. In my first career, I was a graphic/production artist both in advertising agencies and as a freelancer.

I came to Vermont to work for the Aloha Foundation, which runs summer camps and an outdoor education center in Fairlee. I spent the first few years leading groups of kids on backpacking, hiking and canoeing trips, and now I spend most of my time organizing and helping to operate the Buildings & Grounds Department.

I live in West Fairlee with my best friend, Geoffrey, and Indie the wonder dog.

Jen Steck

Tournament Co-Chair
Liaison - Central West