It’s been over 30 years since I moved to Vermont because of a guy named Mark; we’ve been married for 25 years and around that time we both started playing golf. We are now snowbirds, spending the winters in Florida, playing golf, and still working in our business (see below).

I joined Williston about 16 years ago, went to Vermont National for 10 years, and came back to Williston in 2013. I was the Club Rep at Vermont National, was elected to the Board of the VSWGA in 2006, became the Vice President that year, the President in 2010, and after being off the Board for a year, I was once again the Vice President. Now I’m the Treasurer. I am also the acting Club Rep at Jay Peak.

I’ve been on the committee and/or chaired the Tri-States Tournament for the past eight years. This year the at the Samoset Resort in Maine. Vermont has won the event eight times out of the past nine years!

When I’m not playing golf, I’m working with Mark in our business. We and our staff operate and maintain water and wastewater systems throughout the State of Vermont. I used to travel a lot to train internal auditors and I maintain my CPA, CIA, and CPE credentials.

Phyllis Simon