Peg McBride


I have been active in golf since 2002. I served on the board of a league in Massachusetts that had approximately 100 members. My responsibilities included: scheduling, updating the by-laws, and helping others become more familiar with the rules of golf. I also participated in a group very similar to the VSWGA where I played in weekly tournaments, major state tournaments, and a competitive spring league. The most rewarding part of this experience by far was meeting so many people who loved golf at all levels of play, from casual to competitive.

My husband, Tom, and I moved to Vermont in 2008 to enjoy our grandsons as they grow up. I joined Lake Morey Country Club my first year here and was quickly introduced to the VSWGA and played my first Senior Tournament. I have often been a member of both Lake Morey CC and St. Johnsbury CC. I have helped both clubs with state days. This year I had the privilege of assisting a VSWGA regional liaison with registration and scoring at a few courses. I would now like to volunteer to help more.

In my previous life, I was a software engineer and worked for computer companies based in Massachusetts. I later became a manager of a software development team. My responsibilities included interfacing with our software partners (Microsoft, Oracle, and others). Before I retired my role was to gather input from our customers, our marketing and sales teams and then work with engineering to determine the features to include in our product.