Dee Macey

Director South

Liaison - South

My love for golf began thirty-five years ago as I was preparing for a vacation with friends and colleagues. I had never ever considered playing golf and had no clue, so I took a series of lessons. I’ve grown to deeply love this humbling and character building game.

I met my husband then and continue to share the love for the game with him. For years we would weekend in VT but since retiring, we have made VT our primary home.

While we still maintain a home in CT to easily access hugs and kisses from our children and grandchildren, VT is our home.

My husband and I ran a successful design firm headquartered in Wilton, CT where we focused on corporate identity and graphic communications.

Since joining the VSWGA over ten years ago, I have also been the state day representative for Haystack and Stratton Mountain.

Besides golf, I also enjoy skiing, backcountry hiking, cooking and travel.